5 Tips for Keeping Your RV Pest-free During Winter

RVs are a great way to spend time outdoors. However, when your RV is out of commission for the winter, make sure to keep your temporary home on wheels remains pest-free. Keep all your future holidays secure from pest invasion by following thing 5 simple steps.


When you lock up your camper trailer or RV for the winter, the last thing you want is for insects and rodents to come and set up shop while you’re away. Here are seven tips for keeping out unwelcome visitors during storage season.

  • Thoroughly clean your RV
    Even the smallest crumbs can attract pests, so it’s crucial that you clean your RV top to bottom, leaving no nook or cranny untouched. Pests or no pests, you’ll be happy you did this, since it’ll give you a clean vehicle you’ll look forward to climbing back into next year.

  • Remove all food
    The only food items you should leave in your RV are sealed cans and bottles. Insects can find a way to get into pretty much anything so don’t take any chances

  • Plug or cover all drains
    Pests can get into your RV through the plumbing, so make sure to put plugs in all the sink drains and cover the shower or bathtub drain. You should also ensure that the toilet seat is down.

  • Tightly close doors and windows and seal gaps
    Double-check that the RV is well closed up. Additionally, check for any gaps or holes that insects or rodents might be able to sneak through. Smaller gaps can be filled with caulk and larger ones with expanding foam sealer. This is simple to do and only takes a few minutes.

  • Turn off the propane at the tank
    This is not only a good safety precaution but also keeps away insects attracted to the smell of propane.

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