Bed Bug Removal

5 Tips for Preventing Bed Bugs
Bed bugs can be a nightmare for home owners. Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of and feed on blood, often leaving humans and animals with large, itchy welts.

These small, reddish-brown insects, which grow to about 5mm in length, can find their way into your home in a variety of ways. They are often transported on clothing, furniture, luggage, and in boxes, and may even make their way inside a home or an apartment through tiny cracks.


According to the pest control experts at Edmonton Exterminators Ltd., the most common sign of a bed bug infestation is their feces, which look like small like dark dots. Tiny, pale yellow egg skins are also common in areas where bed bugs reside. As bed bugs are nocturnal, you may even be able to see the bugs themselves with a flashlight when they come out at night.


Here are five tips that can help you prevent a bed bug infestation:


  • Clean Your Bed Sheets Regularly
    The best way to keep a few lone bed bugs that happen to find their way into your home from becoming a full-blown infestation is to regularly clean your bed sheets. Wash your sheets at least once a week and check for signs of bed bugs while you do so.


  • Keep Your Home Tidy
    Perhaps the easiest method of home pest control in Edmonton is simply to keep your home tidy. Clutter and garbage both attracts pests such as bed bugs and makes it easier for them to hide and go undetected.


  • Keep Bags off the Bed
    May people have a habit of tossing their bags and purses on their bed when they come home. These items, however, could have come into contact with bed bugs while you were out, and so being better left hung up or on the floor.


  • Don't Take Furniture off the Street
    Picking up furniture which was left on the street can be a fast track to needing to call an Edmonton bed bug removal service. That furniture could have picked up bed bugs while it was sitting out, or it may have been left out because it had bed bugs in the first place.


  • Check Your Hotel Beds
    If you stay at a hotel that has bed bugs, then you have a very good chance of bringing those bed bugs home with you. Always check your hotel bed for signs of bed bugs, both before and at the end of your stay.


Expert Bed Bug Removal in Edmonton
If it's too late for prevention and you've spotted the signs of bed bugs, then you need to act fast and call an Edmonton pest control company. Edmonton Exterminators Ltd. offers effective Edmonton bed bug removal services that can stop the infestation right in its tracks.


Our Edmonton pest control professionals are ready and eager to help. Simply get in touch with Edmonton Exterminators Ltd., and we'll start putting together an effective bed bug removal solution for you.