Detecting, Preventing, and Dealing with Wasp Infestations

A wasp infestation in Edmonton is no easy problem to deal with. Take it from the professional exterminators at Edmonton Exterminators Ltd. though small numbers of wasps are relatively harmless, an infestation of these aggressive insects can lead to major problems.


Wasps can be identified by their brownish colour and their red, yellow, and black markings. Unlike bees, wasps' legs hang low while they fly. Wasps may build a nest inside your home or somewhere outside on your property because they are looking for food, for a nesting site, or for a place to hibernate.

Problems Caused by Wasp Infestations
Professional wasp removal in Edmonton is important for mitigating the risks of a wasp infestation. Wasp stings are not only incredibly painful, but also potentially fatal for those with a serious allergy. Disturbing a nest or even just a passing wasp can provoke a stinging attack.

Wasp nests are also capable of causing damage to inside or outside walls. Furthermore, when abandoned, a wasp nest can attract and potentially begin to harbor other types of pests.

Locating and Identifying Wasp Nests
If you've been noticing a high number of wasps on your property, then there is likely a nest somewhere nearby. To locate it, simply follow a returning wasp at a safe distance. You can identify a wasp nest based on the type of wasps which built it.

Yellow jacket wasp nests look papery on the outside and are typically located in the ground or within small wall cavities. Bald-faced hornets also build papery-looking nests, but are more likely to build their nests in trees or bushes. Mud daubers build small, tubular nests made out of clay or mud, and tend to prefer building on masonry and stone. Paper wasp nests are unique in that they are open, and similar in shape to an upside down umbrella.

Preventing Wasp Infestations
Taking steps to prevent a wasp infestation on your Edmonton property can save you a lot of trouble. As wasps generally get into a building through cracks and small openings, your best strategy is to prevent them from coming in by sealing all openings around access points, and by checking for cracks around your building's perimeter.

Making sure not to leave food sitting out can prevent wasps from becoming attracted to your property, as can trimming back bushes and trees. Hiring a professional Edmonton wasp removal service to remove nests can also prevent infestation the following season.

Reliable Edmonton Wasp Removal Services
Because of the many possible risks involved in a wasp infestation, it is best to call in the Edmonton wasp removal professionals at Edmonton Exterminators Ltd. Not only does this save you from stings, but also it ensures that the infestation is thoroughly and completely dealt with.

If you suspect that your Edmonton property has a wasp infestation, even if you haven't been able to locate a nest, don't wait to get in touch with Edmonton Exterminators Ltd.