How Weather Affects Insect Invasions

Weather plays an important role in determining how insects survive or thrive. Increased temperatures, milder winters, heavy rains and drought, for example, can contribute to an increase (or a decrease) in pest invasions in your area. For instance, many insects cannot tolerate freezing temperatures and will seek out every crack and crevice in your home to escape the cold.


In this blog post, Edmonton’s trusted pest control specialists explain how different weather conditions give rise to insect problems and what to do if you have an infestation on your hands.

  • Cold weather
    Extreme cold temperatures force the majority of insects to hibernate underground; however, some may choose to take refuge in your home or place of business. The good news is that cold weather keeps insect reproduction and growth to a minimum.

  • Mild temperatures
    Mild winters result in increased populations of insects and, therefore, greater risk of invasions comes in spring and summer. In milder temperatures, the cold doesn’t penetrate the ground, leaving hibernating insects safe from harm.

  • Heavy rains
    April showers bring Mayflowers—and apparently an abundance of insects. Heavy rainfalls during the spring season allow insect populations to flourish. Plenty of water means colonies can nourish their young and reproduce faster. Consequently, managing water problems around your home is an essential part of pest control.

  • Drought
    Alternatively, in periods of drought, crops don’t flourish and lawns dry out, affecting insects’ ability to reproduce. The lack of moisture and water means insects are unable to nurture their eggs and young. Furthermore, in hot, arid conditions, insects prefer to keep to cooler, damp environments, which may lead many of them to infiltrate basements, garages, or sheds.

Telltale signs of an insect invasion
Your home can be infested with insects at any time of year; however, cracks, crevices, and other cavities are increasingly used for safe passage to warmer environments by bugs and other pests during the colder months. Common insect infestations that take place during the winter include ants, bed bugs, and termites. There are a few telltale signs that your home is experiencing a winter pest infestation, such as:

  • Dead bugs
  • Bite marks
  • Crumbling wood furnishings
  • Skittering sounds in the walls

Your Pest Control Specialists in Edmonton
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