Why Pest Control Is Important

Your home or office may occasionally run into problems with household pests. They may be a nuisance by being a health hazard or by damaging the structure of your house. A bug spray may provide you with immediate relief but is not always the best solution. You need to locate their nest or the main cause of their infestation for complete elimination. The experts at Edmonton Exterminators Ltd. can help you with safe and effective pest control services for your home or office. Solutions like cockroach control or bed bug removal become very important when infestations make your home or office uninhabitable.


Problems Caused by Household Pests
Almost all rodents or insects carry diseases and may transfer it by biting or contaminating your food. Here are a few common pests and the way they cause problems:

  • False widow spiders – These spiders have a close resemblance to the dangerous black widow spiders. The bite is as painful as wasp bites and you may suffer from allergic reactions leading to chest pains or limb stiffness.

  • Kissing bugs – These are dark-coloured insects with cone-shaped heads that feed on blood. They carry the lethal protozoa Trypanosoma cruzi which transmits the Chagas disease. If you accidentally rub the bug’s feces into your broken skin, you will be infected with the illness. You may experience swelling in the lymph nodes, fever, headaches, or a difficulty in breathing. Some people experience cardiac or digestive issues after 10 or 30 years of the initial infection.

  • Woodworms – They devour wood which can be your furniture or doors and windows. They don’t bite humans but eat their way through timber weakening its structural integrity, eventually leading to its collapse. You may recognize such insects by their distinct sound of chewing wood or the presence of passage holes they create.

  • House centipedes – These are poisonous and you may experience localized pain after the bite. They don’t like cold temperatures and so you may find them hiding behind appliances or in corners.

  • Bluebottle flies – Household flies are extremely unhygienic. They can feed on anything and the bluebottle ones even feed on decaying flesh. You can observe them in large numbers around blocked gutters and animal feces. They carry germs of salmonella, dysentery, tuberculosis, and cholera.

  • Silverfish –These are not fishes but insects that feed on clothes, damp papers, or cardboards. They are very tiny and brown or blueish-silver in colour. You should be very careful if you observe them, as their feeding habit is destructive. If you don’t take care, your clothes and books may get ruined.

  • Cockroaches –Like flies, they feed on a number of unhygienic items like garbage and sewage. You can keep your kitchen clear of grease and sugars to avoid their breeding. The pathogens they carry can cause numerous illnesses like plague and diarrhea. Asthma and allergies can increase in their presence. They can breed and increase in numbers very quickly; holes or cracks in the walls provide ideal nesting grounds.

  • Bed bugs – They are nocturnal and bite when you are sleeping. They nest in your furniture, bed, cushions, and pillows. Their bites cause extremely itchy rashes. When the infestation is huge, they can cause allergies and diseases. It is very challenging to get rid of them, as you need to completely abandon the infected objects. You can read our blog to learn the five signs of bed bugs infestation.

  • Rodents – Mice, voles, muskrats, squirrels, and gophers can be counted as rodents. These can dig tunnels or enter through small gaps in drains and pipes. They mostly move from one place to another in search of food and shelter, causing further nuisance by leaving droppings everywhere. This may lead to the spread of disease-causing germs like salmonella, tularemia, and even cause the bubonic plague. They won’t bite unless harmed but the diseases they transmit can be deadly.

Your home or office is supposed to be safe and not the place where insects or rodents roam around with disease-causing germs. You must take necessary preventive measures to remove them before they start tormenting you. Professional pest control services use strong chemicals and effective techniques to eradicate the pests while ensuring your home environment stays protected and safe.

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