Professional Bed Bug Exterminators in Sherwood Park

Edmonton Exterminators Ltd. uses the chemical insecticide CYHALOTHRIN (P.C.P. # 27428) .03 % for the elimination of bedbugs. It is essential that you prepare your accommodations properly before the technicians arrive.


Prepare Your Home

As there may be a health hazard involved during the application of the pesticide, we require that you be vacant from your suite for a period of 8 hours or more, depending on the circumstances described at the time of booking.


We also ask for your cooperation in carrying out the following instructions prior to the application time:


  • Strip linens from all the beds. Put linens, blankets and pillows from beds in plastic bags for later laundry or dry cleaning. Any clean items must be put in a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes. Nothing should be left on bed. Please leave box spring and mattress on frame and allow space for standing the mattress. (We will move these as we treat your bedroom).
  • Remove all items from the dresser drawers and place on kitchen table or inside bathtub. Please leave empty drawers in dressers.
  • Remove all items from shelf and floor areas in linen, broom and storage closets and place all hanging clothes in center of kitchen floor or bathroom.
  • Remove all items from couches, loveseats and open day beds. We will spray the underside of box spring, sofas, chairs etc. Move all furniture 12” from walls in all rooms except kitchen.
  • All pets must be taken out of the building for the time period shown above. Fish tanks (if any) must have their pumps shut off and tank opening sealed with plastic film.


Please allow room for accessibility to beds, dressers and furniture as the technicians must be able to move around these items.


NOTE: On re-entry to your suite, no special clean-up is required; however, fresh linens and blankets must be used on all beds.


Where pregnancies, allergies, illness or other unusual circumstances occur, occupants may wish to remain out of the premises for periods longer than those indicated above. If you require medical information, please contact Poison Control Center at 1-800-332-1414. For chemical information, please contact Edmonton Exterminators Ltd.


NOTE: If your premises are infected, it is important to know that the process of elimination may take a period of time. The chemical used to treat your suite will leave a residue effect for up to 90 days. Only the bugs that come into contact with the spray at the time of treatment will die off. The residue left behind will be effective in eliminating the remaining bugs. As the bugs come out to feed and as eggs hatch they will cross the residual barrier, which affects their nervous system and in a short period of time eliminates them.

What Should You Do at the Time of Treatment and Before?

To get rid of pests effectively, both pest control operators and homeowners need to work together. Ensure to tidy up your home as much as possible and store food, clothing, furniture and other miscellaneous items securely. This helps the insects fall prey for the gel bait insecticides used by the pest control professionals.

If you are unaware of the precautionary measures you need to take before bedbug extermination in Sherwood Park, we can help you with it.


The homeowner or tenant needs to cooperate with the professionals in order to exterminate bed bugs by following the instructions below:

  • All bedding (dust ruffles, covers, sheets, etc.) needs to be removed from the mattresses and box spring in all bedrooms.
  • All bed linens need to be washed in boiling water. The bed linens shouldn’t be replaced for at least 4-5 hours after treatment.
  • Remove all personal items including clothes, shoes, toys, stored materials and other items from your home before the process begins.
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