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In small numbers, wasps are considered relatively harmless and beneficial to the community. However, an infestation near your home or business can quickly escalate into a serious concern due to wasps’ aggressive nature and painful sting. If you’ve noticed signs of a wasp infestation, we recommend that you call our experts at Edmonton Exterminators Ltd. When it comes to effective wasp removal in Edmonton, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more qualified extermination company to look after your needs. Once we remove wasps from your home or business, we also work hard to decrease the likelihood of their return to your property.

How Our Edmonton Exterminators Get Rid of Wasps

Our exterminators try to take the least intrusive approach to getting rid of wasps in your home, garden, or business. We use humane traps and other products to remove wasps safely and effectively from the area. When we visit your home or business for wasp removal in Edmonton, we will:

  • Identify areas of concern that are ideal habitats for a wasp.
  • Try to eliminate food sources for wasps and other pests.
  • Attempt to remove the wasps with strategically placed traps.
  • Use effective, human traps and pesticides to kill the wasps.
  • Burn or remove the nest to eradicate the presence of wasps.

Although considered harmless in small numbers, a wasp infestation can pose a serious threat. Our exterminators will do their best job to completely remove wasps from your home or business in Edmonton.

How to Identify a Wasp

Wasps can sometimes be confused with other similar-looking insects, such as ants or bees. Like their cousins, they are generally considered to be beneficial to the environment and are a great form of natural pest control. However, it’s important to be able to identify a wasp due to their sometimes aggressive and intrusive nature. If they decide to make your house or garden their new home, they can quickly become a problem. Here’s how to identify a wasp and distinguish it from bees or other similar insects:

  • Color: Wasps are often brownish in color with yellow, red, or black markings.
  • Body structure: Wasps have two rear legs that hang low and dangle when they fly. They look different from a bee because a bee’s legs are very difficult to spot when it is flying. Also, their wings rest against their body when they land, unlike a bee whose wings will stick out to the side. Wasps also have thin waists and unlike bees, do not have visible hair on their bodies.
  • Size: Depending on the specific type of wasp, its body will measure somewhere between 1.3 cm to 1.8 cm in length.
  • Nests: Wasps’ nests are made up of multiple layers unlike bees which live in hives made of honeycomb. Also, unlike bees, wasps do not swarm around their nest.

Signs of a Wasp Infestation

Locating a wasp infestation can be more difficult than finding a bee infestation. This is due to the fact that wasps sometimes build their nests underground or in high, lofty areas which are not always visible. However, if you carefully observe the insects or pay attention to the surrounding area, you can identify a wasp infestation.

Some signs of an infestation include an increasing presence of wasps in the area, humming noises coming from behind bushes or in trees, the existence of a nest under roof eaves, behind shutters, in garden sheds, and readily available food sources such as open food containers or garbage bins. You can also gauge the likelihood of a wasp infestation depending on the season or time of year. Wasps tend to emerge in the spring and their numbers rapidly increase during the summer.

Contact Us for Wasp Removal in Edmonton

If you notice any signs of wasps in your home or building or are suspicious of an infestation, we recommend that you contact our exterminators for discreet wasp removal in Edmonton and the surrounding area. We also provide other pest control services for your peace of mind, including bed bug removal and rodent removal. Since 1979, we have prided ourselves upon our ability to provide cost-effective pest control products and services for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial clients in the Greater Edmonton and Alberta provincial region. When you have issues with unwanted pests, give Edmonton Exterminators a call and we’ll help you safely and quickly eliminate them!

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